Spotless upholstered furniture only using on-hand household items

Thanks to upholstered furniture are our homes cozier. Relax after a hard day on the comfortable sofa or relax in the recliner. Constant use of upholstered furniture leads to its clogging and contamination, stains. Return upholstered furniture old and purity can be at home.

General recommendations

Usually upholstered furniture vacuumed, but often it is not very effective. To carefully remove any dust on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner can fix gauze soaked in saline solution (one tablespoon of salt per liter of water, leave the gauze for 5-7 minutes, then wring it well). This method not only to clean, but also to update the paint make them brighter.

For suede and velvet vacuum cleaning is not suitable, as it can damage the vacuum cleaner vors. If not, you can use the grandmother’s method. Big wet cloth cloth in vinegar-salt solution (two tablespoons of vinegar and salt in a liter of water), to spread on the furniture, and then punch out. As pollution rinse and again dip in the solution. Once contaminated tissue stops – so clean furniture.
Simple contamination, a small greasy clean with warm soapy water. Moisten a cotton cloth in it and wipe the furniture in the same direction. Very good for cleaning upholstery special funds for furniture. Usually they are whipped into a solid foam, which is applied to the furniture, and when it dries – vacuum cleaner.
In order to properly clean the upholstered furniture it is necessary to know the upholstery material. Depending on him to apply the methods of cleaning. Carefully read the instructions on the label.

Types of upholstery
  • Velour / flock
    His special clean microfibre cloth dampened with mild soapy water, directing it to the pile. After blotted dry cotton cloth upholstery. Before wet cleaning to remove dust using a special brush.
  • Tapestry
    Such upholstery can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. It is undesirable to expose tapestry wet cleaning, otherwise it may become discolored and deformed.
  • Suede / nubuck
    This upholstery clean special brush for suede. First, remove dust, and then rubber bristles shining and contaminated sites.
  • Leather
    Such furniture does not accumulate a lot of dust and good to clean. The main thing do not need much watering skin. Better to buy special equipment for the skin and a special cloth.
    Folk same methods recommended cleaning leather furniture egg white. Predefined wipe upholstery, and then gently apply a slightly beaten egg white – it will give shine and refresh worn. Various chemicals for leather furniture contraindicated.

Classification spots
  • Wine
    White wine is good cleans alcohol, red need to fall asleep fine salt, and then clean with a cloth dampened in a mild solution of alcohol or denatured alcohol.
  • Coffee
    Fresh coffee stain quite easily derived. Need a little trim and clean humidif place soap, then rinse the foam with a wet cloth.
  • Juice
    Such contamination remove difficult, but possible. Mix equal parts ammonia and vinegar, apply this mixture on the stain, rub a little and let it dry.
  • Fat
    Fat fresh stains need to sprinkle coarse salt generously give to absorb fat, and then wet cloth. Such contamination can be removed with a solution of soapy water with vinegar. Grate a tablespoon of soap and dissolve it in a liter of hot water. Add three teaspoons of 9% vinegar and add a little water to make it warm. Beat the foam and put it on the spot. Leave for a few minutes, then gently remove the sponge. Once again, apply the solution, blot with a towel and leave to dry.
  • Wax
    The wax can be easily removed with the help of iron and paper napkins. Cover with wax paper towel tight spot and the reason for it with a hot iron. As the absorption of wax replace sections wipes to clean.
  • Bubble gum
    It is very difficult to remove from furniture upholstery. Try to freeze the gum, annexing the ice wrapped in polyethylene. When it hardens, carefully Rid her spatula or other similar object, the remains rub the swab dipped in alcohol or vodka.

That in the process of removing stains did not raise even more problems, first try to remedy in a small area, located outside the field of view. Be sure to let it dry and then evaluate the results. Begin to withdraw from the edge of the stain towards the center, so you can avoid divorce. Increases the concentration of funds gradually. You can not use multiple tools, one after the other. So you can ruin the upholstery forever.
How to clean a spot on soft furniture very inveterate and no means does not help to use a special stain remover. In its application strictly follow the instructions.

Prevention of pollution

Choosing upholstered furniture, think about how easy is it to take care of it during operation. The bright colors and delicate upholstery fabrics require more careful handling. If you have a large family, there are small children or pets do better to refrain from buying such furniture.
Cape or a special cover will save from excessive pollution, in addition to care for them is not an example easier – simply wash as needed in the washing machine.
Try to regularly clean the upholstered furniture, vacuuming and refreshing, so it is longer than its good looks. If there was a nuisance, and upholstery stain formed, it is desirable to remove it immediately. So you greatly increase the chances remove the stain without a trace.

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