3 Quick Tips for a Natural Household

Maintaining your home is, for many, a chore than a pleasure. Household task is particularly the most ungrateful: you have all the time again! So better save time on this time-consuming activity. And if in addition, you can save a bit and take care of the environment, why not use it?

Household word sounds like a punishment for all those who do not like the dust, which are desperately short of time or do not have the means to pay staff. Especially as maintenance tasks generate some cost: some products sold commercially to shine the house are priceless! And to end it all, they are not always environmentalists.

But there are all easy ways to quickly and easily clean its interior from floor to ceiling, more healthy and natural way.

Make your cleaning products

We can not count the number of expensive chemical cleaning products, promising to make the sparkling surfaces and germ-free. Yet your closets themselves certainly contain cheaper and healthier alternatives.

Lemon juice, for example, is extremely effective. Citric acid lemon can dissolve fat and expel odors. Rub half a lemon on a cutting board to remove odors and kill germs. Mix lemon juice and warm water and a mild cleanser that is for cooking. Place lemon slices in a baking dish in the microwave with a cup of water, heat on high for 3 minutes, leave for another 3 minutes, then wipe off.

White vinegar is well known by our grandmothers: its acidity makes it very effective to clean up. However, do not use other types of vinegar as malt or balsamic! White vinegar can be used to retrieve the sparkling windows: Add a few drops of white vinegar to a warm bucket of water then polish with crumpled newspaper for the final touch. To clean the toilet, pour undiluted white vinegar around the toilet bowl (as you would with bleach) and let stand for at least 30 minutes before rinsing.

Finally, baking soda is an ideal substance for overcoming odors. Place for that a covered bowl containing bicarbonate inside your refrigerator to keep smelling fresh. Also use baking for cleaning acid sensitive surfaces unlike the lemon juice and vinegar, it will not corrode worktops marble or granite. Make it a slightly abrasive paste by mixing it with a little water.

The steam cleaner magic

The steam cleaner has more and more success, and for good reason: it represents a great solution to remove as much fat as bacteria and mites and allergens in the home. Most devices are without detergent because the spots are attacked by high pressure steam that penetrates the soil. You can thus save expensive cleaning products. You will also gain the storage space and time because you will remove dust and soil will wash one sweep!

Reuse your rags

Disposable products are undoubtedly convenient, but they are expensive and are not environmentally friendly. Therefore prefer products that can be reused. The microfiber sponges are a great choice for cleaning and dusting surfaces, in addition they are machine washable. You can also keep old shirts, worn socks or sheets for use as rags.